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Evaluation of Nutritional Gel Supplementation in C57BL/6J Mice Infected with Mouse-Adapted Influenza A/PR/8/34 Virus
Jessica L Felgenhauer, Jourdan E Brune, Matthew E Long, Anne M Manicone, Mary Y Chang, Thea Brabb, William A Altemeier, and Charles W Frevert

Differentiation Among Rodentibacter Species Based on 16S–23S rRNA Internal Transcribed Spacer Analysis
Laurentiu Benga, Peter M Benten, Eva Engelhardt, Karl Köhrer, Barbara Hueber, Werner Nicklas, Henrik Christensen, and Martin Sager

Effect of Xylazine–Tiletamine–Zolazepam on the Local Field Potential of the Rat Olfactory Bulb
Peter O Kosenko, Aleksey B Smolikov, Viktor B Voynov, Pavel D Shaposhnikov, Anton I Saevskiy, and Valeriy N Kiroy

Effects of Individual and Coexisting Diabetes and Cardiomyopathy on Diastolic Function in Rats (Rattus norvegicus domestica)
Pitipat Kitpipatkun, Akira Yairo, Konosuke Kato, Katsuhiro Matsuura, Danfu Ma, Seijirow Goya, Akiko Uemura, Ken Takahashi, and Ryou Tanaka

Cotton Rat Placenta Anatomy and Fc Receptor Expression and Their Roles in Maternal Antibody Transfer
Margaret E Martinez, Stefan Niewiesk, and Krista M D La Perle

Non-bronchoscopic Bronchoalveolar Lavage as a Refinement for Safely Obtaining High-quality Samples from Macaques
Cassandra R Moats, Kurt T Randall, Tonya M Swanson, Hugh B Crank, Kimberly M Armantrout, Aaron M Barber-Axthelm, Nicole D Burnett, Theodore R Hobbs, Lauren D Martin, Roxanne M Gilbride, Scott Hansen, and Jeremy V Smedley

Flow Rate and Apparent Volume of Cerebrospinal Fluid in Rhesus Macaques (Macaca mulatta) Based on the Pharmacokinetics of Intrathecally Administered Inulin
Cynthia M Lester McCully, Louis T Rodgers, Rafael Cruz Garica, Marvin L Thomas III, Cody J Peer, William D Figg, Dennis E Barnard, and Katherine E Warren

Axial Skeletal Malformations in Genetically Modified Xenopus laevis and Xenopus tropicalis
Anne L Zlatow, Sabrina S Wilson, Donna M Bouley, Joanne Tetens-Woodring, Daniel R Buchholz, and Sherril L Green

Pathology of Ground Squirrels in a Research Colony
Patrick N Nation

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