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The AALAS Journals: 2020 in Review
Linda A Toth, Susan R Compton, Ravi J Tolwani, Virginia K Dawson, and John D Farrar

A 3D-printed Apparatus for Imaging Multiple Rats Simultaneously
Nicholas J Harrison, Kate L Shumway, Sarah A Hansen, Charles A Maitz, Lori A Thombs, and Brian K Flesner

Alpha-1 Acid Glycoprotein as a Biomarker for Subclinical Illness and Altered Drug Binding in Rats
Catherine A Boyle, Robert W Coatney, Alexandra Wickham, Suman K Mukherjee, and LaVonne D Meunier

Automated Blood Sampling in a Canine Telemetry Cardiovascular Model
Amanda S Wilsey, Yevgeniya E Koshman, Debra A Weisbecker, Brandan M Bird, Kuldip K Mirakhur, Sabine Sadilek, Paige A Ebert, James S Polakowski, C Michael Foley, Chris L Medina, and Scott W Mittelstadt

Dose-Finding in the Development of an LPS-Induced Model of Synovitis in Sheep
Isabela P Bittar, Carla A Neves, Caroline T Araújo, Yan V R Oliveira, Suelen L Silva, Naida C Borges, and Leandro G Franco

The Effect of Body Region on Hair Cortisol Concentration in Common Marmosets (Callithrix jacchus)
Evelyn E Bartling-John, and Kimberley A Phillips

Fecal Bacterial Microbiota of Healthy Free-Ranging, Healthy Corralled, and Chronic Diarrheic Corralled Rhesus Macaques (Macaca mulatta)
Nicole R Compo, Luis Mieles-Rodriguez, and Diego E Gomez

Hematology and Culture Assessment of Cranially Implanted Rhesus Macaques (Macaca mulatta)
Jacob H Theil, Jennifer L Johns, Poyin Chen, David M Theil, and Megan A Albertelli

Effects of Chronic Viral Infection on Lymphocyte Populations in Middle‑aged Baboons (Papio anubis)
Erin L Willis, Richard Eberle, Roman F Wolf, Gary L White, and Dianne McFarlane

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