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Summary and Assessment of Studies on Cardiac Aging in Nonhuman Primates
Huber, Hillary F; Nathanielsz, Peter W; Clarke, Geoffrey D

Original Research

Elucidation of the Central Serotonin Metabolism Pathway in Rhesus Macaques (Macaca mulatta) with Self-injurious Behavior
Cohen, Rachael L; Drewes, Julia L; Queen, Suzanne E; Freeman, Zachary T; Pate, Kelly Metcalf; Adams, Robert J; Graham, David R; Hutchinson, Eric K

Biology and Cellular Tropism of a Unique Astrovirus Strain: Murine Astrovirus 2
Kelly, Sean P; Ricart Arbona, Rodolfo J; Michel, Adam O; Wang, Chuanwu; Henderson, Kenneth S; Lipman, Neil S

Effect of Housing Condition and Diet on the Gut Microbiota of Weanling Immunocompromised Mice
Thurman, Colleen E; Klores, Molly M; Wolfe, Annie E; Poueymirou, William T; Levee, Ellen M; Ericsson, Aaron C; Franklin, Craig L; Reddyjarugu, Balu

Evaluation of Effects of Laboratory Disinfectants on Mouse Gut Microbiota
Sciurba, Joseph D; Chlipala, George E; Green, Stefan J; Delaney, Martha A; Fortman, Jeffrey D; Purcell, Jeanette E

Antibody Production Remains Intact Despite Loss of Bone Marrow B cells in Murine Norovirus Infected Stat1 –/– Mice
Eldridge, Daniel E; Hsu, Charlie C

Case Study

Degenerative Osteoarthropathy in Laboratory Housed Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis
Zhang, Mingyun; Wilson, Sabrina S; Casey, Kerriann M; Thomson, Paisley E; Zlatow, Anne L; Langlois, Valerie S; Green, Sherril L

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