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Comparative Medicine (CM), an international journal of comparative and experimental medicine, is the leading English-language publication in the field and is ranked by the Science Citation Index in the upper third of all scientific journals. The mission of CM is to disseminate high-quality, peer-reviewed information that expands biomedical knowledge and promotes human and animal health through the study of laboratory animal disease, animal models of disease, and basic biologic mechanisms related to disease in people and animals.

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Th1/Th17-mediated Immunity and Protection from Peripheral Neuropathy in Wildtype and IL10–/– BALB/c Mice Infected with a Guillain–Barré Syndrome-associated Campylobacter jejuni Strain
pp. 63-77(15)
Authors: Brudvig, Jean M; Cluett, Matthew M; Gensterblum-Miller, Elizabeth U; Chen, James; Bell, Julia A; Mansfield, Linda S

Effect of Antimicrobial Prophylaxis on Corynebacterium bovis Infection and the Skin Microbiome of Immunodeficient Mice
pp. 78-89(12)
Authors: Manuel, Christopher A; Johnson, Linda K; Pugazhenthi, Uma; Fong, Derek L; Fink, Michaelk; Habenicht, Lauren M; Leszczynski, Jori K; Diana, IR; Charles E Robertson; Schurr, Michael J; Frank, Daniel N

Gender of Authors in Laboratory Animal Medicine and Science in 2 Peer-Reviewed U. S. Journals
pp. 90-92(3)
Authors: Niemi, Steven M; Hickman, Debra L; Crisler, Robin
Effects of Exogenous ATP on Melanoma Growth and Tumor Metabolism in C57BL/6 Mice
pp. 93-103(11)
Authors: Lei, Yali; Zhou, Xu; Zhao, Yang; Zhang, Jianfa
Chronic Otitis Externa Secondary to Tympanic Membrane Electrode Placement in Rhesus Macaques (Macaca mulatta)
pp. 104-112(9)
Authors: Burton, Jane A; Tarabillo, Alejandro L; Finnie, Kelsey R; Shuster, Katherine A; Mackey, Chase A; Hackett, Troy A; Ramachandran, Ramnarayan

Identification and Control of an Ornithonyssus Bacoti Infestation in a Rodent Vivarium by Using Molecular Diagnostic Techniques
pp. 113-121(9)
Authors: Clancy, Bridget M; Theriault, Betty R; Schoenberger, Jenna M; Bowers, Chago J; Mitchell, Cara M; Langan, George P; Ostdiek, Allison M; Luchins, Kerith R

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