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Letter to the Editor
pp. 221-222(2)
Author: Guarnieri, Michael

Hormonal Suppression in Female Rhesus Macaques (Macaca mulatta) Implanted Subcutaneously with Deslorelin
pp. 226-233(8)
Authors: Carroll, Kelsey E; Mackiewicz, Alexis L; Ardeshir, Amir; Alber, Susan A; Christe, Kari L

Providing Environmental Enrichment without Altering Behavior in Male and Female Wistar Rats (Rattus norvegicus)
pp. 234-240(7)
Authors: Corredor, Karen; Marín, Daniela P; García, Christian C; Restrepo, Daniela A; Martínez, Gladys S; Cardenas, Fernando P

Housing Environment Affects Pubertal Onset, Anxiety-like Behavior, and Object Interaction in Male and Female Long Evans Rats
pp. 241-247(7)
Authors: Vogt, Meghan E; Riesgo, Victoria R; Flanigan, Kaylyn A S; Willing, Jari G

A Practical Assessment of the Disinfectant Efficacy of UV Light with and without Ozone Using a Novel Transfer Hatch in a Research Animal Facility
pp. 248-251(4)
Authors: Qiao, Jiao-Jiao; Li, Jing-Jing; Li, Chun-Hui; Qi, Yong; Chen, Li-Yu; Wang, Shan-Ni; Honess, Paul E; Liu, Yun-Bo; Zhang, Chen; Liu, Qing-Xia; Yi, Bin; Gao, Chang-Qing

Effectiveness of the Glass Bead Sterilizer for Sterilizing Surgical Instruments
pp. 252-255(4)
Authors: Skiles, Beth; Johnston, Nancy A; Hendrix, G Kenitra; Hickman, Debra L

Detection and Transmission of Proteus mirabilis in Immunodeficient Mice
pp. 256-269(14)
Authors: Tierce, Rebecca K; Winn, Adrienne A; Albers, Theresa M; Poueymirou, William T; Levee, Ellen M; Woods, Stephanie E; Reddyjarugu, Balu

Mouse Behavior in the Open-field Test after Meloxicam Administration
pp. 270-274(5)
Authors: Antiorio, Ana TFB; Alemán-Laporte, Jilma; Zanatto, Dennis A; Pereira, Marco A A; Gomes, Mariana SAG; Wadt, Danilo; Yamamoto, Pedro K; Bernardi, Maria M; Mori, Claudia MC

Anesthesia with Tricaine Methanesulfonate (MS222) and Propofol and Its Use for Computed Tomography of Red Swamp Crayfish (Procambarus clarkii)
pp. 275-282(8)
Authors: Palillo, Michael; Palillo, Jack; Williams, Nonyé; White, Mary; Glon, Mael; Pintor, Lauren; Bidot, Willie; Tram, Nguyen K; Stacy, Mitchel R; Kendall, Genevieve; Coble, Dondrae; Malbrue, Raphael

A Comparison of Blood Collection Techniques in Mice and their Effects on Welfare
pp. 287-295(9)
Authors: Ahrens Kress, Amanda P; Zhang, Yudi; Kaiser-Vry, Adrianne R; Sauer, Mary B

Assessment of 2 Hair Removal Methods in New Zealand White Rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus)
pp. 296-303(8)
Authors: LeFors, Jennifer E; Anderson, Laura M; Hanson, Margaret A; Raiciulescu, Sorana

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