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Position Statement

Subscribed ContentHousing and Husbandry Alternatives for Naked Mole Rat Colonies Used in Research Settings
pp. 412-418(7)
Authors: Ragland, Natalie H; Compo, Nicole R; Wiltshire, Norman; Shepard, Alyssa; Troutman, Scott; Kissil, Joseph L; Engelman, Robert W

Subscribed ContentPreventing the Transmission of Murine Norovirus to Mice (Mus musculus) by Using Dry-heat Sterilization
pp. 419-423(5)
Authors: Lee, Jonathan C; Bidot, Willie A; Nunamaker, Elizabeth A


Subscribed ContentSingle-tube Multiplex Nested PCR System for Efficient Detection of Pathogenic Microorganisms in SPF Rodents
pp. 441-447(7)
Authors: Xu, Wang Jie; Pan, Ya Jun; Li, Wei Jie; Peng, Li Na; Liang, Dong Li; Zhang, Man; Ding, Wei; Wang, Zhao Xia

Subscribed ContentEfficacy of 3 Buprenorphine Formulations for the Attenuation of Hypersensitivity after Plantar Incision in Immunodeficient NSG Mice
pp. 448-456(9)
Authors: Arthur, Justin D; Alamaw, Eden D; Jampachairsri, Katechan; Sharp, Patrick; Nagamine, Claude; Huss, Monika K; Pacharinsak, Cholawat

Subscribed ContentUse of Ketamine or Xylazine to Provide Balanced Anesthesia with Isoflurane in C57BL/6J Mice
pp. 457-467(11)
Authors: David, Emily M; Pacharinsak, Cholawat; Jampachaisri, Katechan; Hagan, Lisa; Marx, James O

Subscribed ContentPharmacokinetics of Sustained-release and Extended-release Buprenorphine in Mice after Surgical Catheterization
pp. 468-474(7)
Authors: Saenz, Marissa; Bloom-Saldana, Elizabeth A; Synold, Tim; Ermel, Richard W; Fueger, Patrick T; Finlay, James B

Subscribed ContentIntramuscular Alfaxalone–Butorphanol–Midazolam Compared with Ketamine–Butorphanol– Midazolam in New Zealand White Rabbits
pp. 475-481(7)
Authors: Knutson, Kyra A; Petritz, Olivia A; Thomson, Andrea E; Balko, Julie A

Subscribed ContentEvaluation of Active Warming and Surgical Draping for Perioperative Thermal Support in Laboratory Mice
pp. 482-494(13)
Authors: Bailey, Kaitlyn T; Jantre, Sanket R; Lawrence, Frank R; Hankenson, F Claire; Del Valle, Jacquelyn M

Subscribed ContentComparison of Effects of Capromorelin and Mirtazapine on Appetite in New Zealand White Rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus)
pp. 495-505(11)
Authors: Draper, Janna MH; Savson, Daniel J; Lavin, Elizabeth S; Feldman, Erica R; Singh, Bhupinder; Martin-Flores, Manuel; Daugherity, Erin K

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