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The 2020 AALAS National Meeting ends December 31.

Prometric ProProctor now available for certification exam scheduling.

Noise and Vibration in the Vivarium: Recommendations for Developing a Measurement Plan

Ossabaw Pig Demonstrates Detrusor Fibrosis and Detrusor Underactivity Associated with Oxidative Stress in Metabolic Syndrome

The September-October issue features content on unique animal models, the 2020 Virtual Meeting, and eight Tech Tips.

Overcoming Challenges: AALAS National Meeting Goes Virtual. Registration is free to national members.

PCR and RT-PCR in the Diagnosis of Laboratory Animal Infections and in Health Monitoring

Serendipitous Discovery of a Novel Murine Astrovirus Contaminating a Murine Helper T-cell Line and Incapable of Infecting Highly Immunodeficient Mice

The July-August issue features content exploring COVID-19's impact on the LAS community.