The September-October issue features content on unique animal models, the 2020 Virtual Meeting, and eight Tech Tips.

Overcoming Challenges: AALAS National Meeting Goes Virtual. Registration is free to national members.

PCR and RT-PCR in the Diagnosis of Laboratory Animal Infections and in Health Monitoring

Serendipitous Discovery of a Novel Murine Astrovirus Contaminating a Murine Helper T-cell Line and Incapable of Infecting Highly Immunodeficient Mice

The July-August issue features content exploring COVID-19's impact on the LAS community.

Room Decontamination Using Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide Fog and Mist Reduces Hatching Rates of Syphacia obvelata Ova

June CM Online


Effects of Colonization of Gnotobiotic Swiss Webster Mice with Helicobacter bilis

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Impact of Coronavirus on Scheduled AALAS Programs and National Office Operations

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