Mailing List Rental

Enhance your marketing by directly targeting AALAS members!

  • Cost is $0.10 per label.
  • AALAS does not rent email addresses.
  • You can use your own mail house now. AALAS no longer requires you to ship your materials to its mail house in Memphis.


1. Your organization must be an active member of AALAS (Commercial, Institutional, or Affiliate). For more information or to join as a Commercial Member, please visit

2. You may use a mail house company of your choosing. AALAS will email the mailing list file to your mail house once the mail house contact completes the required mailing list agreement form, which can be emailed back to Chris Lyons at chris (dot) lyons (at) aalas (dot) org or faxed at 901-753-0046. Please provide a name and email address for your mail house's contact.

3. A PDF mock up of the item you plan to mail must be emailed for review and approval by AALAS. Please email your mock up to Chris Lyons at chris (dot) lyons (at) aalas (dot) org.

4. Complete the AALAS Mailing List Order form and fax it to 901-753-0046. Please do not email the form with your credit card number since AALAS cannot accept credit card information via email.