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Comparative Medicine: Special Topic Issue

Comparative Medicine: Special Topic Issue

The December 2019 issue of Comparative Medicine features content on pain management in rodents. Guest edited by Pat Turner and Mark Suckow, the issue covers ethical considerations regarding analgesia and pain management in rodents, the importance of pain recognition and management in rodents, sex and strain differences in response to pain and analgesics in mice, as well as the impact of pain on different models involving laboratory mice and rats. Join AALAS at the gold level to receive Comparative Medicine regularly, or purchase this issue by clicking here.

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Proper Perioperative Procedures: Do They Really Matter?
February 27, 2020 | 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM CT
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Gut Microbiota: Variability and Translatability in Rodent Models
March 18, 2020 | 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM CT

2019 Compensation Survey

2019 Laboratory Animal Facility Compensation Survey

The 2019 Laboratory Animal Facility Compensation Survey is now available 2 ways!

  1. Purchase the full report, which highlights compensation levels and organizational practices for 18 laboratory animal facility-related positions throughout the United States.
  2. Purchase an individual report, which provides information for one of the 18 positions in the full report.

Technician Training ShortsAre you interested in technician training? Technician Training Shorts make group training sessions more fun and worthwhile by combining a brief video presentation with active learning exercises that can be used for individuals or groups.

There are currently Training Shorts available for three topics.

Tech Week items

2020 International Laboratory Animal Technician Week

The bookstore has new items to recognize technicians for their amazing contributions to research!

Posters, magnets, jotter pads, and lunch bags can be ordered using the Tech Week or Bookstore form.

Visit the Tech Week page to see the items available and for ideas to celebrate 2020 International Laboratory Animal Technician Week.

Comparative Anatomy of the Mouse and Rat: a Color Atlas and Text

Do you work with mice and rats in animal research? Get detailed comparative anatomical information!

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