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Health Observations of Mice and Rats

Health Observations of Mice and Rats

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TTS-005: The Technician Training Shorts (TTS) series provides an opportunity to schedule a training session for staff to view a short recording and then use the active learning exercises provided to enhance the learning experience - either immediately after the presentation or later.

Animal care technicians provide essential care for the animals studied in research. They are often the first to recognize and report problems concerning the animals in their care. Thorough and consistent husbandry helps ensure the quality of the research data. With this TTS, staff will learn:

  • What does a healthy mouse and rat look like?
  • What signs of good health should you look for?
  • How do you recognize health problems presented?

The recording includes 3 parts:

  • Part 1: Signs of obesity, emaciation, malocclusion, alopecia, barbering, dermatitis, and fight wounds.
  • Part 2: Signs of hunched body and ruffled fur, lethargic, moribund, porphyrin staining, and diarrhea.
  • Part 3: Signs of a mass, rectal prolapse, vaginal or uterine prolapse, penile prolapse, and dystocia.

Included with the recording are two active learning exercises for each Part. There is a group learning exercise with scenarios for group discussion about ways to identify health conditions and a quiz game.

After purchase, follow these instructions to access all files and the link to register to view the recording.

  1. Log in at
  2. Select the "My Profile" link at the top of the page.
  3. Go to Digital Content Access.
  4. Under the order number for this TTS, there will be a link to a zip file called "Health Observations TTS." Select that link and download the file to your computer. There will be 6 files, including instructions to view the recording, the handouts, the quizzes, group activity answer key, and an AALAS CEU certificated for attendees.
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Health Observations of Mice and Rats
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