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Rats Are Not Just Big Mice (Webinar Recording)

Rats Are Not Just Big Mice (Webinar Recording)

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WEB-075A: Despite rats being the second most common mammal used in biomedical research today, many researchers and veterinarians default to thinking of "mice and rats" as a unit, rather than viewing them as unique animals, separated by millions of years of evolution. This lumping together is at least partially related to the mouse's wholesale supplanting of the rat as a model organism; there are orders of magnitude more mice than rats in most facilities today. While there are retained similarities between various species of rodents, rats are not just large mice and treating them as such does both rats and researchers a profound disservice. This presentation is a companion to the recent AALAS presentation on the biology, senses, and behavior of mice, and aims to address the unique biology, senses, behavior, and husbandry needs of rats.

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Presenter: Kathleen R. Pritchett-Corning, DVM, DACLAM

Dr. Pritchett-Corning is the Attending Veterinarian and Director, Office of Animal Resources at the Harvard University Faculty of Arts and Sciences and an Affiliate Assistant Professor in the Department of Comparative medicine at the University...

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