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Mouse Colony Management Fundamentals (Webinar Recording)

Mouse Colony Management Fundamentals (Webinar Recording)

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Mouse colonies require ongoing supervision to make them operate as efficiently as possible. The primary goal is always to produce sufficient numbers of animals of the desired ages, sexes, genotypes, and phenotypes, and at the desired times. This webinar will cover the fundamentals of managing a transgenic mouse colony, including practical tips on the collection of biological samples for genotyping and phenotyping, minimizing the number of excess animals and managing unused animals, the types of data that must be managed, and systems for recordkeeping.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to choose which animals to breed and which breeding schemes to use
  • How to plan for future breeding
  • When to wean and how to identify the offspring
  • How to maximize the efficiency of your colony and minimize the number of animals needed or produced.
  • Identify troubleshooting techniques
  • How to manage colony data
  • The importance of good client communication

Audience: Technicians, veterinarians, managers, and researchers who are involved with a transgenic mouse colony.

AALAS CEUs: You can apply for up to 1.5 CEUs for the Technician Certification Registry or CMAR recertification. Please use the forms on the AALAS website or online CEU submission.

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Item Details:
Presenter: Thomas J. Fielder, MA, established the Transgenic Mouse Facility at the University of California, Irvine, in 1996 and managed it for 17 years. During this time, the facility conducted numerous in-house-breeding projects for its clients and trained multiple laboratory animal technicians...
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