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Mouse Euthanasia: A Critical Review of Current Practice (Webinar Recording)

Mouse Euthanasia: A Critical Review of Current Practice (Webinar Recording)

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Euthanasia guidelines listing appropriate methods to humanely end an animal's life have been developed and adopted by several countries. Within these guidance documents there exist small differences in the recommendations for mice, which may be partially attributed to the inability to adequately characterize the experience of the animal being euthanized. To date very few studies have been conducted to examine and evaluate the euthanasia experience in mice. This coupled with the fact that mice are the prominent research species used in the United States (over 10 million annually), Makes it imperative to have an understanding of the impact of the euthanasia procedure on the animal to minimize suffering. The common use of carbon dioxide (CO2) for mouse euthanasia has come under recent scrutiny with the development and use of other gas euthanasia techniques such as isoflurane and argon. This presentation will primarily focus on the appropriateness of CO2 to other euthanasia techniques will include recent studies on cardiovascular, behavioral, histoogic and stress hormone activation during the procedures. A thorough literature review will also be presented to illustrate knowledge gaps which would benefit from further studies. The overall aim of this webinar will be to stimulate critical thinking and further discussion around mouse euthanasia techniques.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the options for euthanasia of mice, with a focus on comprehension of the CO2 techniques.
  • Evaluate and understand the scientific literature on mouse euthanasia.
  • Comprehend and articulate the current euthanasia requirements.
  • Highlight areas that still require future discussion and scientific study.

Audience: Veterinarians, researchers, IACUCs, senior technicians.

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Presenter: Dr. Greg Boivin, DVM, MS, DACLAM, received a DVM from Washington State University, a master's degree from the University of Missouri, and an MBA from Wright State University. He specialized in veterinary pathology, first at the University of Missouri and later and the University of...
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