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Poultry: An Emerging Research Model (Webinar Recording)

Poultry: An Emerging Research Model (Webinar Recording)

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WEB-025A: This webinar focuses on working with poultry, in particular chickens, within the research environment. Galliformes have played a vital role in biomedical research, contributing to our understanding of many diseases. In addition, some chickens and ducks spontaneously develop a form of muscular dystrophy that is very similar to our own, making them a key model for this research. These species have also contributed significantly our understanding of various infectious diseases, particularly contributing to our current focus on Avian Influenza and West Nile Virus. Information will be provided on the basics of avian anatomy and the unique features that make galliformes an emerging laboratory animal species. We will cover the fundamentals of handling and caring for chickens with special emphasis on bird behavior and the provision of social enrichment. Specific techniques related to avian surgery and common laboratory procedures will also be discussed. You will learn about the amazing avian egg and how it is used in a wide variety of investigations, from understanding embryonic development to the creation of human vaccines and proteins of therapeutic interest. Finally, we will take a look at all of the reasons that the poultry are indeed the ideal laboratory animal.

Audience: Veterinarians, researchers, IACUCs, senior technicians, and staff.

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Presenter: Lisa Kelly, BSA, RLATG

Lisa Kelly is a graduate of the University of Georgia. From 2000 to 2006, Ms. Kelly worked at the University of Georgia as a research scientist in avian surgery. She trained others on various surgical techniques and avian husbandry, including semen collection and...

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