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Performance and Consistency of Circulating Warm Water Blankets for Rodents
Nicolis, Imani N; Beale, Corinna N; Bidot, Willie A; Esmail, Michael; Perkins, Scott E

Evaluation of Various IVC Systems According to Mouse Reproductive Performance and Husbandry and Environmental Parameters
Stover, Mitchel G; Villano, Jason S

Toxic Effects of High-dose Meloxicam and Carprofen on Female CD1 Mice
Kendall, Lon V; Bailey, Alexandra L; Singh, Benjamin; McGee, Whitney

Assessing Elimination of Mouse Kidney Parvovirus from Cages by Mechanical Washing
Carlson, Amanda L; Ricart Arbona, Rodolfo J; Henderson, Kenneth S; Perkins, Cheryl; Lipman, Neil S

Social Buffering as a Tool for Improving Rodent Welfare
Denommé, Melanie R; Mason, Georgia J

Extended-release Buprenorphine, an FDA-indexed Analgesic, Attenuates Mechanical Hypersensitivity in Rats (Rattus norvegicus)
Alamaw, Eden D; Franco, Benjamin D; Jampachaisri, Kaechan; Huss, Monika K; Pacharinsak, Cholawat

Biochemical and Hematologic Reference Intervals for Anesthetized, Female, Juvenile Yorkshire Swine
Dimitrakakis, Nikolaos; Waterhouse, Anna; Lightbown, Shanda; Leslie, Daniel C; Jiang, Amanda; Bolgen, Dana E; Lightbown, Kayla; Cascio, Kelly; Aviles, Gabriela; Pollack, Elizabeth; Jurek, Sam; Donovan, Kathryn; Hicks-Berthet, Julia B; Imaizumi, Kazuo; Super, Michael; Ingber, Donald E; Nedder, Arthur

Behavioral and Physiologic Effects of Dirty Bedding Exposure in Female ICR Mice
Merley, Ann L; Hubbard, Jennifer S; Rendahl, Aaron K; Duke Boynton, Felicia D; Collura Impelluso, Lynn

Sex Differences in Hierarchical Stability in a Formation of a Mixed-Sex Group of Rhesus Macaques
Woodell, Lauren J; Beisner, Brianne A; Nathman, Amy C; Day, Ashleigh; Cameron, Ashley; Pomerantz, Ori; McCowan, Brenda

Toward Global Harmonization of Training and Certification of Specialists in Laboratory Animal Veterinary Medicine
Hedenqvist, Patricia; Baumans, Vera; Hanai, Koji; Yanoi, Kazuo; Yeom, Su Cheong; Song, Eun Ju; Devan, Shakthi RK; Klein, Hilton J; Bailey, Michele M

Acute Normovolemic Hemodilution-assisted Terminal Blood Procurement in Swine for Ex Vivo Organ Perfusion
Wu, W Kelly; Stokes, John W; Ukita, Rei; Ziogas, Ioannis A; Patel, Yatrik J; Alexopoulos, Sophoclis P; Bacchetta, Matthew; Benson, Clayne

Comparison of Gelatin Flavors for Oral Dosing of C57BL/6J and FVB/N Mice
Martins, Tania; Matos, Ana F; Soares, Joana; Leite, Ruben; Pires, Maria J; Ferreira, Tiago; Medeiros-Fonseca, Beatriz; Rosa, Eduardo; Oliveira, Paula; Antunes, Luis M

Establishing and Maintaining an Etruscan Shrew Colony
Geyer, Beatrice; Erickson, Nancy A; Muller, Katja; Grubel, Susanne; Hueber, Barbara; Hetz, Stefan K; Brecht, Michael

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